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Sounds like a perfect thing to focus on this year. I care for so many other people, projects and things and then grind myself into the ground. I've recently got back into aquascaping and tropical fish and it's reminded me to take a moment and thing about how things are going.

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Meghan, I love this post! I'm terrible at looking after my house plants and not much better at self-love. But it's a work in progress. I started reading Lights to Guide Me Home before i went on holiday at Xmas and it's FANTASTIC. Well done!! I left it at home, since books I travel with don't usually come home in good shape, so I'm looking forward to getting back into it this week.

My word for this year is NOW. This reminds me to take care of little tasks more promptly, to be more present - and not to leave my belongings all over the place. It also contains the word NO, which I intend to use more judiciously this year when I'm being drawn in a dozen different directions.

All the best! You're killing it, girl. I miss working with you.

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